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Best Home Logo

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Best Home's Logo embodies a radiant and energetic characteristic in a fast-paced changing environment. The Red and Green strokes signify the quest for providing a holistic solutions and setting creative standards for the industry to meet the changing needs and expections of customer through 3 factors:

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Long-term Relationship

Logo Rationale

The Logo has been redesigned to incorporate various themes, as the company is moving towards achieving service excellence.

The red curve represents the strong dynamic spirit of innovation and quality in people coming together to achieve new heights in a journey of excellence.

The well-defined green strokes signify the growth of the organization, bringing innovative ideas and passion for creating new value and making a significant differece.

The yellowish-orange concentric circles represent the rising of the Sun - vital and gregarious. It radiates warmth and vitality to her clients.


170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-33/34/37 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179

Phone: +65 6462 7055

Fax: +65 6462 7060

Thomson Branch

301 Upper Thomson Road
#03-08 Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408

Phone: +65 6554 2822
Fax: +65 6554 0561